3D Reality Capture

Experience the most accurate and productive scanning/HDR photo on-site workflow on the market. Get as-built models of your spaces with real-time 3D data you can access 24/7.

What we do

3D Reality Captures
  • Interior and exterior 3D laser scanning

  • Scan to model

  • Autocad file conversion

  • Virtual reality

  • Most accurate and productive scanning/HDR photo on-site workflow

  • Discussion tools and software

Digital Asset Management
  • Store and maintain

  • Point cloud

  • Web-based viewer for point cloud and 3D CAD models

As-built Spaces
  • As-built model generation for office and commercial spaces

  • Model existing tie points as-built and extract features for future changes and mock ups

  • Project planning

  • Equipment removal or install

  • Renovation or new build planning

  • Videos for presentation, training, maintenance and construction

Data Extraction
  • Deviation report

  • Asset management

  • Compare and QC Model to Point Cloud

  • Bring your space to your desktop

  • Client only access portal

  • 24/7 access

  • Real-time actionable data



UB3D is a modern 3D reality capture and asset management team offering the most accurate and productive scanning/HDR photo on-site workflow on the market.

We’ve partnered with Leica Geosystems for laser scanners and point cloud software. With this we obtain the highest degree of accuracy and survey control and gain access for the tight spots and hard-to-reach places.

With 3D scans from UB3D, your team, contractors and engineers will benefit from as many dry runs as necessary to ensure that when the time comes for the real-world work, they will be ready. And what needs to fit, will fit. 

Scans can also be used for employee training, safety training, loss prevention and inventory management, layout planning and more.

Ready for the next dimension?

UB3D uses the best available 3D scanning equipment and software on the market to optimize process, keep your costs under control, and always deliver results in the shortest time possible.

Contact us today and learn how you can get your accurate, as-built point cloud datasets. It’s the new reality bringing you increased productivity, dramatically reduced downtime, and the absolute assurance that you know every corner of your space when it matters.